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Data is being collected by means of a statistical sample survey. For each NACE division (for example NACE Division 14 for quarrying), a sample was selected. On a monthly/quarterly/annual basis the selected enterprises are requested to provide information, including turnover, employment and wages and salaries. On the basis of the information provided, indices are then calculated for each Division, showing the level of the specified variable (for example employment), relative to the average level throughout the base year 2000.


The aim of the short-term statistics is to provide users with information on the business cycle.


The selected enterprises for the Short Term Statistics Survey are assigned a Username and password which is sent by snail mail from the NSO.  The password can then be changed from this site.  Should a username or password be lost please contact us by email or click here.


The relevant questionnaire/s assigned to each enterprise may be selected from a defined list having the adjacent period.  This will direct the user to a web form which is very clear to fill.  Totals will be calculated automatically and a printable format of each questionnaire is available.


Once a questionnaire is submitted there is no possibility of retreiving the data back from this site.  Thus if you need to print the questionnaire, kindly do so before pressing the submit button.


Should there be any queries on the questionnaires being submitted kindly contact the Short Term Statistics Unit by direct line 25997329, by fax 25997205, or by email